Friday 4 June 2010

Yesterday's game. (ASR League)

Last night I played my first game in the ASR League, between me and Rgloaguen 5k. It went fairly well, considering I was playing a non-handicapped match against a 11 ranks stronger player than myself, and although I lost I pretty much liked the game. Yes I made some glaring errors now that I think about it, but I figure doing so was a learning process in itself. Can't learn if not by making errors. Scoring-wise white won by 61.5 moku. I was later told it was a pretty good game considering the difference in our ranks.

I'll add the game here (sans review) so people can give comments and advice if they want.

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1800]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[Rgloaguen]PB[AmbyR00]WR[5k]BR[16k]DT[2010-06-03]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: hey, should it be ranked?
Rgloaguen [5k\]: ASR League
Rgloaguen [5k\]: !?
Rgloaguen [5k\]: sorry
Rgloaguen [5k\]: ?
AmbyR00 [16k\]: again?
Rgloaguen [5k\]: it is an amicaame le g
Rgloaguen [5k\]: amicale game
Rgloaguen [5k\]: Free
AmbyR00 [16k\]: asr league
;B[pd]BL[1710.628]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: have a nice game then :)
Rgloaguen [5k\]: good game
;B[nb]BL[1685.907]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: Wow, 16kyu who uses high chinese fuseki.. impresive ^_^
;W[mb]WL[1761.504]C[Fassal [12k\]: thats amby for you :)
;W[fq]WL[1717.588]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: amby looks like sandbagger ^_^
;B[ip]BL[1603.817]C[Fassal [12k\]: i wouldnt say so hes just a strong 16k
;W[pn]WL[1689.137]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: I think he something around 5-8kyu
;B[rn]BL[1572.119]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: but this is okay anyway )
;W[oq]WL[1680.881]C[Fassal [12k\]: amby?
;B[or]BL[1539.486]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: yes
;W[qp]WL[1659.581]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: but may im wrong and he good only in fuseki
;B[nq]BL[1508.583]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: may be*
;B[mr]BL[1491.07]C[Fassal [12k\]: :(
;W[rm]WL[1632.362]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: im wrong )
Fassal [12k\]: his fuseki is really though good
;W[jo]WL[1623.574]C[Fassal [12k\]: ouch
;W[qi]WL[1604.79]C[Fassal [12k\]: ah hes not good with invasions
;W[lk]WL[1593.659]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: Yeah
;W[ml]WL[1575.242]C[Nastusha [6k\]: блин, и мне с ними потом играть -_-
Amakaresu [3k\]: С кем из инх?
Nastusha [6k\]: эм
Amakaresu [3k\]: из них*
;B[nl]BL[1263.823]C[Nastusha [6k\]: с обоими?
Amakaresu [3k\]: Ну, белого ты должна выйграть
Nastusha [6k\]: ы
Nastusha [6k\]: белого?)
Amakaresu [3k\]: Сама посмотри как он тупил в фусеках
Nastusha [6k\]: хм
Nastusha [6k\]: ой
Nastusha [6k\]: чтот не на то посомтрела
Amakaresu [3k\]: Ты его в фусеках должна обыграть минимум на 15 очков!
Nastusha [6k\]: думала белыми 4 д с вопросиком
Nastusha [6k\]: ну
Nastusha [6k\]: ты же знаешь как я проигрываю в тюбане и йосе много..
;W[mm]WL[1494.766]C[Nastusha [6k\]: ой
Nastusha [6k\]: дак ч вообще 16кю...
Amakaresu [3k\]: Ну чёрного ты тем более обязана выйграть
Amakaresu [3k\]: :)
Nastusha [6k\]: хм
Nastusha [6k\]: жесть
Nastusha [6k\]: посмотрела начало
Nastusha [6k\]: забавно)
;W[nm]WL[1487.841]C[Nastusha [6k\]: ну так не чесно маленьких избивать..
Nastusha [6k\]: нужно с равными играть..
Amakaresu [3k\]: я сегодня равному проиграл (
;B[no]BL[1140.78]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: Он мегатесудзи замутил на 15 ходов
Amakaresu [3k\]: ужс..
;W[nn]WL[1457.967]C[Nastusha [6k\]: эм
Nastusha [6k\]: кто?
;W[ol]WL[1439.406]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: Lovrokic
;W[kj]WL[1428.811]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: я думаю он посильнее 2кю играет
;W[gq]WL[1415.956]C[Amakaresu [3k\]: Всё, пошёл играть
;B[ii]BL[865.039]C[CGBSpender [4d?\]: where is chinese fuseki gone ?
;W[jn]WL[1309.945]C[Nastusha [6k\]: >< LaiLaiHei [5k\]: ouch sekoj [1d?\]: its still there. just look closer cgb ;) CGBSpender [4d?\]: it's hiding well, sekoj :) LaiLaiHei [5k\]: camouflaged by dead stones :) sekoj [1d?\]: or .. they are the dead stones :P sekoj [1d?\]: but they still exist! :P LaiLaiHei [5k\]: lol CGBSpender [4d?\]: camouflage ? you mean, it's gonna reappear and jump out of the bushes to attack white ? CGBSpender [4d?\]: :) ] ;B[ko]BL[731.224]C[LaiLaiHei [5k\]: you don't think q9 looks dangerous?? >:D
;W[jp]WL[1303.006]C[sekoj [1d?\]: you never know you never know :P
;W[im]WL[1300.102]C[CGBSpender [4d?\]: heh
;W[pl]WL[1295.829]C[sekoj [1d?\]: just got to get black less iterested in stones ^^
sekoj [1d?\]: +n in there somewhere :p
;W[hb]WL[1275.016]C[sekoj [1d?\]: :o c15 go 5kyu
CGBSpender [4d?\]: gotta play b7
;B[fm]BL[562.768]C[LaiLaiHei [5k\]: The next couple of months are going to make for interesting games while the league normalizes :)
;W[el]WL[1265.77]C[CGBSpender [4d?\]: yes
CGBSpender [4d?\]: alive alive
sekoj [1d?\]: should have been white f17 to kill black on lower side
CGBSpender [4d?\]: now ressurect the center
;B[gl]BL[528.332]C[sekoj [1d?\]: centre how? !
CGBSpender [4d?\]: i don't know :)
;W[hn]WL[1221.282]C[sekoj [1d?\]: well you have a few peeps to play with ... but its dead :((
;W[gj]WL[1217.046]C[CGBSpender [4d?\]: it can probably live
;B[hh]BL[464.121]C[CGBSpender [4d?\]: o13 to start
;W[ig]WL[1200.339]C[sekoj [1d?\]: hmm now there is a little chance
;W[hc]WL[1140.058]C[CGBSpender [4d?\]: live
sekoj [1d?\]: ye
CGBSpender [4d?\]: ^^
sekoj [1d?\]: 5k being kind or?
sekoj [1d?\]: well done black if he sees it :)
;B[kb]BL[268.427]C[sekoj [1d?\]: >.>
;W[lc]WL[1133.802]C[sekoj [1d?\]: still ok
;B[jd]BL[248.132]C[CGBSpender [4d?\]: oh
sekoj [1d?\]: !!!!
CGBSpender [4d?\]: n19 dudes
;W[bm]WL[1117.627]C[sekoj [1d?\]: scary :P
;B[nh]BL[49.929]C[sekoj [1d?\]: nice thought but not quite ^^
;W[oj]WL[955.219]C[sekoj [1d?\]: a missed chance to re-live the chinese there :P
;W[dm]WL[838.051]C[sekoj [1d?\]: minus points yay
sekoj [1d?\]: and black missed a chance on lower left group ;x
;W[]WL[838.051]TW[ed][fd][gd][de][ee][fe][ge][he][oe][af][bf][cf][df][ef][ff][gf][hf][of][pf][qf][ag][bg][cg][dg][eg][fg][hg][qg][rg][ah][bh][ch][dh][eh][fh][gh][hh][qh][sh][ai][bi][di][ei][fi][hi][ii][pi][si][aj][bj][cj][dj][ej][fj][hj][ij][jj][lj][pj][qj][rj][sj][ak][bk][ck][dk][ek][fk][ik][jk][mk][nk][ok][pk][qk][rk][sk][bl][kl][ll][nl][ql][rl][sl][jm][om][pm][on][eq][cr][er][fr][as][bs][cs][ds][es]TB[aa][ba][ca][ea][la][na][oa][pa][qa][ra][sa][ab][bb][cb][db][mb][ob][pb][qb][sb][kc][lc][mc][qc][rc][ld][ke][kf][lf][kg][fn][ao][bo][lo][mo][lp][mp][lq][mq][lr][nr][pr][qr][rr][sr][is][js][ks][ls][ms][ns][os][ps][qs][rs][ss]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: thank you
Rgloaguen [5k\]: thx

My first ASR League rankings have also been recorded, be sure to check them out every once in a while! :)

I really want to play again soon, but before I do, I will take a small breather and go practice some aikido. I'll be back later tonight though. ^^ See ya! /gg


  1. Eh, there was only three of us at the dojo today. It was a pretty intense one and a half hour. We were five minutes into aikitaiso and I was already sweating like a little animal. Feeling a bit tired actually. It looks as though I might lose again tonight. ;)