Thursday 24 June 2010

Feelings can be deceiving.

Yesterday's game was an interesting one. I totally thought I was doing pretty good and was feeling very strong from the beginning to the middle game.
And well, all I really did was a lot of broken joseki, mis-calculations and other weird mistakes, like taking a small life in the corner while giving my opponent a huge influence towards the center, not seeing where my own influences were and trying to invade where running away was impossible. I even forgot how to correctly capture a stone in a net and ended up overplaying the whole situation. Well, I guess that's how it goes some times, when your (over)confidence just blinds you and you end up in all the wrong places.

I'd like to reason my way out of being this bad just by saying that I wanted to try playing a bit more in the corners, leaving the center for later, but I really can't say that about my joseki. It might be I am in a need of studying more joseki. It's just that joseki is pretty hard to learn by studying alone. I've noticed I am pretty bad in studying anything from books or samples, and I need to learn things by doing, repeating them hundreds or maybe thousands of times before I really remember them. (That's why I was not particularly a wizkid in school I guess.) The only problem with repetition is, that if it's not done right you will learn things wrong, and that can actually be worse than learning things at all.

I feel I'm in a need of a mind trick. Something to ease up the learning process.

Anyway, asm 5k, against whom I played yesterday, mentioned I should check out Kogo's Joseki Dictionary. I actually knew it existed, but I am still a bit overwhelmed at how many different choices there are for joseki, and questioning "how in the world am I supposed to learn them all?"

Still, I'm going to try looking into the josekis at Eidogo, maybe they will open up a new world for me one day, when I've checked them out for the thousandth and one time. ^^ I often like to think I have patience for these sort of things.

So how goeth the game? Here, have a look-see:

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1500]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[asm]PB[AmbyR00]WR[5k]BR[15k]DT[2010-06-23]PC[The KGS Go Server at]RE[W+Resign]
;B[pd]BL[1494.123]C[AmbyR00 [15k\]: hello :)
asm [5k\]: Enjoy the game!
AmbyR00 [15k\]: you too! :)
asm [5k\]: asr league
;B[fo]BL[1442.574]C[AmbyR00 [15k\]: asr league
AmbyR00 [15k\]: almost forgot :) sorry
;B[fj]BL[141.802]C[AmbyR00 [15k\]: ah, missed a spot
;B[gn]BL[30]OB[3]C[AmbyR00 [15k\]: what the?
AmbyR00 [15k\]: did he lose connection or something?
asm [5k\]: sorry, was disconnected
AmbyR00 [15k\]: oh, I see... I was wondering about that
;W[ks]WL[30]OW[2]C[AmbyR00 [15k\]: oops
;W[bj]WL[30]OW[2]C[AmbyR00 [15k\]: heh... fun :)
AmbyR00 [15k\]: thanks
asm [5k\]: thank you for the game
asm [5k\]: review ?
AmbyR00 [15k\]: ok why not :)

Have a good night! ^^ See ya soon! /gg

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