Friday 30 July 2010

ASR League games nearing towards the end of month again. Little bit scared now.

So the games for this July are almost played. I'm pretty scared that I might drop from the Gamma IV class, since both LiKao 5k and Olechka 10k are only a 0.5 to 1.5 points away, and I can't seem to find opponents to play against. If they both pass me by, I am sure I will be demoted to the Delta classes. It isn't exactly an encouraging thought. I would have liked to play against these strong players a bit longer, as it definitely has its perks. That, and I still haven't beaten ardesh 10k in a game. If I get demoted now there's no knowing when our paths will cross next time.

Man I'm talking about it like I was in a real insei league. That is a bit worrying.

Anyway, I'm going to try finding someone to play against now before going to bed. Hopefully it'll be a league game. See you all soon! ^^ /gg

Wednesday 28 July 2010

13kyu... Maybe I'm ready for it now.

A week ago I momentarily ranked 13kyu due to a couple of ranked games I managed to beat. My rank looked like it was skyrocketing, but I wasn't too sure about my real abilities.

Friday 23 July 2010

I wish I could be there. Tampere EGC 2010.

Sadly I wasn't able to arrange for myself to attend the European Go Congress in Tampere this year. I would've wanted to check it out and meet some of those 14 pros and other go players from all around Europe that are also visiting the congress. The lack of money and timing issues with my son's return from Lapland are definitely keeping me home this weekend. But, there's eventually another congress some other time.

Friday 16 July 2010

Finally, some pictures from the tournament in Oulu

This post is long overdue, but I finally managed to get the pictures sort of edited and actually uploaded them to my picasa albums. It took me a while since I took well over hundred pictures while visiting Oulu. Not all of them are related to go, but I suppose a little bit of culture never hurt anyone. :)

Friday 9 July 2010

First picture from the Summer tournament in Oulu

Here's the picture of the prizes. :) I played my first tournament game ever. Sadly I resigned. I was a nervous wreck, but my opponent told me he is 8 kyu on KGS, and could not believe I'm just a 14 kyu, so maybe it wasn't all that bad. Anyway, I'm going to post more pictures later today, it looks like this Blogger for Android client isn't able to send more than one pic per post, so I need to write more posts to get them all online. ^^ I'll be playing my next game soon, so I will have to cut this one short. See ya with the next posting! gg! ^^

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Thursday 8 July 2010

Tournament tomorrow

I've been somewhat nervous about the upcoming tournament in Oulu, so I've not written much this past week. I've played a couple of pretty interesting games, and also a couple of very embarrassing ones. I think I will leave it to those who are interested to try and check them out theirselves. This time.

Now, I will use this space just for talking.