Sunday 30 May 2010

So I applied to the ASR League. (And unrelated to that, played poorly today.)

Having played and chatted a lot with Fassal @ KGS, he once mentioned the ASR League, and said joining and playing in it might give a boost to my go learning. So I got interested, and learned that it was actually a free go-school for Internet players, designed after the japanese and korean insei leagues.
After pondering about this for a while, I finally asked to be added to the league yesterday as it sounded plenty of fun.

I'm now in the waiting list, and on the 1th of July the games are actually supposed to start.

About those games... I have possibly risen too hastily in my rankings since today all of my games have gone bad. Nothing seems to work, and every move I make seems to lack a purpose. In short, I suck. Again. Lost almost all of the games today and even the one I did win tasted like sour grapes since the opponent was winning, but lost by time. I actually feel like I'm getting dumber as I'm being beaten by 22. kyus, myself being 16k.

Thus a change of course is direly needed.

I decided I have to take a few days off, sleep more, and have a tsumego holiday doing nothing but tsumego for a while. So when I get back, it'll be with some new determination. Hopefully having enough punch to beat a game or two in the ASR League too. ^^ See ya! /gg

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