Tuesday 22 June 2010

Two busy weeks behind.

I simply hate it when I can't play. It is simply not fun. Well I did manage to have two small games when I visited my parents almost two weeks ago.
I first taught my little brother to play a 9x9 atari-go, and while I didn't have much time showing my aunt how to play, my mother delightfully agreed to play a game, again on the 9x9 goban. My brother, whom against I always lose whenever we play a game didn't stand a chance as I totally obliterated his stones. (Ok it wasn't that bad, really... Mwahaahahaha!!;) But as I taught my mom, she beat me by 16 stones. Thenagain, maybe it was because I showed her where to play.

Oh, I forgot. Before I went to my parents I had printed some 9x9 and 13x13 boards from the web and bought some of those decorative flat glass stones also mentioned on the page I got the prints from. Enough for three small teaching boards anyway. I decided I would get some thin plywood for creating the boards with the mentioned goban prints and take the boards and stones to the aikido dojo so I can show Go to all my senpai who are interested in it.

Btw. here's a picture of an ice cream that reminded us of a certain comic strip on the web comic Empty Triangle:

Last week I also played my fifth match in the ASR League, it was AkinfeevK 2k again. I played white. It was a nice game, but I had to resign as my game was not really going anywhere anymore, actually it was way past lost at the moment. I should try playing when I'm awake. ^^ Here's the game:

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1500]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[AmbyR00]PB[AkinfeevK]WR[16k]BR[2k]DT[2010-06-15]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[AkinfeevK [2k\]: * Запоминать дзесеки
AkinfeevK [2k\]: hi gl
AkinfeevK [2k\]: ASR League
AmbyR00 [16k\]: have a nice game :)
;B[pd]BL[1482.047]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: asr league
;B[je]BL[1205.269]C[Ruddick [3k\]: Привет Анатал
;B[hd]BL[1199.485]C[Anatal [7k\]: привет
;B[hc]BL[1189.378]C[Anatal [7k\]: а 16 ый всетаки пеплохо тут играет
;B[jd]BL[1186.592]C[Anatal [7k\]: но в территории разница
;W[jf]WL[257.729]C[Ruddick [3k\]: если бі неплохл играл, то понял бі что ресайн пора біло делать
;B[le]BL[1162.342]C[Anatal [7k\]: в смысле сдаваться
;W[sl]WL[206.712]C[Anatal [7k\]: да с аком тяжело играть
;B[sn]BL[1145.631]C[Ruddick [3k\]: )
;B[an]BL[1142.784]C[Anatal [7k\]: но я у него еще выиграю
;W[bp]WL[191.825]C[Ruddick [3k\]: смелый!)
;B[rb]BL[1131.923]C[Anatal [7k\]: нет целеустремленный
Ruddick [3k\]: правельно!)
;B[qb]BL[1128.139]C[Ruddick [3k\]: С России?
Anatal [7k\]: смелости тут не много плюс минус один проиграшь
Anatal [7k\]: нет из сум
Anatal [7k\]: если донецкие знают где это
;B[ji]BL[1124.91]C[Ruddick [3k\]: земляк(
Ruddick [3k\]: )*
;B[hi]BL[1121.873]C[Anatal [7k\]: да 500км пыль для моряков))
;W[kh]WL[52.891]C[Anatal [7k\]: но Сумских я тут не встречал
Ruddick [3k\]: а у вас клуб свой есть ?
Anatal [7k\]: нету
;B[ki]BL[1093.114]C[Anatal [7k\]: все по инету
Ruddick [3k\]: ты одинокий боец?
Anatal [7k\]: у нас да
Ruddick [3k\]: моё имя Рудольф, друзья зовут Рудик,. Как тебя звать?
Anatal [7k\]: пока особо никого не присадил тут
;W[eh]WL[30]OW[5]C[Anatal [7k\]: Анатолий
Ruddick [3k\]: у нас в Донецке тоэе не было никого..пришлось мне создать клуб
;B[fd]BL[1072.34]C[Anatal [7k\]: эт молодец
;B[sc]BL[1067.959]C[Ruddick [3k\]: ^_^
Anatal [7k\]: я пока времени не найду то работа то дети
;B[di]BL[1058.761]C[Ruddick [3k\]: понимаю. Ну одна партия ночью = 30 мин времени
Anatal [7k\]: по инету да
;W[fj]WL[30]OW[5]C[Anatal [7k\]: ночью просто сил особо нет
;B[dc]BL[1036.905]C[Ruddick [3k\]: а в реале всё равно тебе в городе негде... разве что ездить о турнирам
Anatal [7k\]: а в реале дорога плюс то се
;W[ba]WL[30]OW[5]C[Anatal [7k\]: да точно
Ruddick [3k\]: то сё... завто позитив.... и то сё предоставляют обычно
;W[fe]WL[30]OW[5]C[Ruddick [3k\]: например 20 грн день
Anatal [7k\]: в москву разве что предлагали уже
;B[gl]BL[1010.109]C[Ruddick [3k\]: та...в Украине тоже хватает. Например Киев
Anatal [7k\]: у нас пока фанатов таких как я нет
;B[fs]BL[996.584]C[Ruddick [3k\]: в городе. А в стране есть и довольно сильные
;W[ds]WL[30]OW[4]C[Anatal [7k\]: разгребусь с делами буду тоже клуб создавать
;B[ad]BL[978.396]C[Anatal [7k\]: в стране верю
;B[bj]BL[976.29]C[Anatal [7k\]: в россии есть почему у нас нету
;W[gh]WL[30]OW[4]C[Ruddick [3k\]: создать клуб не проблема) Главное найти людей и не опускать руки. Россия большая)))
;W[eo]WL[30]OW[4]C[Anatal [7k\]: я и то пятых третих япошек побеждаю
;B[oe]BL[957.477]C[Anatal [7k\]: по настроению
;B[kd]BL[954.712]C[Anatal [7k\]: кю имею в ввиду
Ruddick [3k\]: ну я понял)
Ruddick [3k\]: на кю уровнях до 1 дана всё может быть
;B[np]BL[952.037]C[Anatal [7k\]: да с аком надо еще по лиге сыграть партию
Ruddick [3k\]: я только вошёл в лигу пару дней назад
;W[ok]WL[30]OW[2]C[Anatal [7k\]: какая группа
Ruddick [3k\]: твоя
Anatal [7k\]: ))))
AkinfeevK [2k\]: thx
AmbyR00 [16k\]: Thank you...
AmbyR00 [16k\]: I was a bit tired, sorry about that
AkinfeevK [2k\]: ok

Last weekend I was away as we were invited to watch my father-in-law defend his doctorate thesis and to the evening party that followed. It was pretty nice to see our son stole the show, and their hearts. And all-in-all we had pretty much fun, even after the parties, when I joined my sister-in-laws and their friend to party at a local pub in their hometown, singing karaoke amidst all the Finnish hillbillies there.

This was fun. I'll be signing off now, but I will be trying to gather some strength so that I could play atleast two games per day. I also feel I will have to play a ranked game every now and then. See you soon! ^^ /gg

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