Saturday 5 June 2010

Second game

Today I played my second game in the Advanced Study Room (ASR) League. It was a game against H2SO5 1dan, with no handicap. Needless to say I lost, again, this time by resigning. But in a matter of fact I did get some praise for my fuseki, which while reviewing according to H2SO5 was "dan-like" to a point where he'd think he already lost the game. I find it hard to believe personally, since I honestly don't think I'm that good. After all, I'm just 16k in rank. But maybe it's just me, and I'm only suffering from a mild inferiority complex. I wouldn't know. ^^

Or maybe the tsumegos I do almost every day really help.

Anyway, I'll continue the "long" and "established" tradition of presenting the game in Eidogo, so others too can comment on it.

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1500]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[H2SO5]PB[AmbyR00]WR[1d]BR[16k]DT[2010-06-04]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[H2SO5 [1d\]: have a good game
AmbyR00 [16k\]: you have a nice game too
;B[pd]BL[1482.982]C[H2SO5 [1d\]: asr league
;W[dc]WL[1492.204]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: asr league
;W[nm]WL[1280.058]C[H2SO5 [1d\]: you have an extremely unusual style
H2SO5 [1d\]: hmm
;B[pm]BL[999.8]C[H2SO5 [1d\]: how to say.. some moves are as powerful as a 3d's, and not only one, some entire sequences actually, while some others are 16k
H2SO5 [1d\]: this is very odd :)
H2SO5 [1d\]: perhaps that's because you are taught very well
;W[ln]WL[1231.089]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: thank you... but I don't have any teachers, I'm self taught, unless the kgs teaching games count :)
H2SO5 [1d\]: sure they do
;W[en]WL[1127.838]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: ah... I tricked myself in a ladder :)
;W[dl]WL[936.421]C[AmbyR00 [16k\]: oh well
AmbyR00 [16k\]: it was fun :)
H2SO5 [1d\]: thank you
AmbyR00 [16k\]: thank you

And almost as if it were another tradition of mine, I'll be heading to bed next. Mister sleepyhead is sleepy. See ya soon! ^^ /gg

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