Tuesday 8 June 2010

Some Josekis for OneLiner

Two nights ago I was dead tired, but I still played a sort of a teaching game for OneLiner 30k, and lost. ;)
In the end of the game I showed him a simple Joseki. But because I had not slept at all the previous night and only taken two 1.5 hour naps during the day I sort of forgot how it should have been done.
So I decided to make three examples of josekis for OneLiner right here on my blog, since he told me earlier he would be following it daily. :)

Three Josekis I have seen when playing:

GN[Some Joseki]
(;W[pp]C[Changed the sequence a bit here according to the tips given by\
dfan, thanks!

These should be correct.]

Tell me if I made any mistakes. I was tired when I played him, and I still seem to be somewhat tired. So without further due, I will head to bed. (The tradition continues.)

Now, study some tsumego and play a lot and you'll get to be 16k like me in no time, OneLiner. ^^ See ya! /gg


  1. C9 is unnecessary. White's stones already have a base. In a real game, you would want to play elsewhere after Black J3; there are surely more interesting points on the board.

    I'm not sure why K16 is there; it isn't really relevant to the joseki in the upper left (and if it were there, both players would probably play differently).

    Looks pretty reasonable otherwise.

  2. Thanks dfan, I changed the joseki accordingly. It's in the variation 2 starting from move 19, so people can see where I went wrong.