Tuesday 7 February 2017

Happy Birthday to our 5 year old Go Club, Saarto!

Hehe, I seem to have a habit of being constantly inconstant when it comes to writing. Well, it doesn't mean I've been out of the game. In a matter of fact, I've had a lot happen locally in and around the game of Go while not having written about it so much. Sorry about the inactivity. I'll promise to try keep at it more from now on. Since I created the Steemit connection, it might even prove more fun.

Anyway, on with the story...

As the title suggests, five years back Today, on Tuesday 7th of February in 2012, our club (spearheaded by yours truly) officially opened its doors at Koulutuskeskus Salpaus' Culture Centre. From the get-go we had almost 10 participants, and while we've eventually had to move out from the school premises, and occasionally to change our meeting times, we've gladly stayed alive all that time. The faces and places might've changed, but we kept on playing. And quite frankly, we've managed to pull almost spotless record of weekly games.

To top this all, we've even hosted two Summer Go tournaments! Whee!

For this, we are now enjoying festivities and some treats for a job well done next Saturday. We are gathering to the clubhouse of our apartment buiding, bringing our kids along, order pizza and refreshers and spend the day having fun, playing games, discussion and mingle. And my wife Vera promised to bake us a cake. I am positive it'll turn out to be a fun day.

Yep, that's all for today. I had hoped I could had added pics here, but didn't have any accessible today, because I have recently had an UTF-8 breakdown on my harddrive and the OS won't let me access those directories, so this will have to do. Sorry about that... I'll add pictures later then.


P.s. We are on lookout for new players.

If you would like to come play with us, please meet us weekly on Wednesdays starting at 17:00. We play at the Bar Hiidenkivi on Ratakatu 28, Lahti.

P.p.s. I'm now 7 kyu. (Hoping to be 6kyu 1dan really soon.

P.p.p.s. Follow us on Twitter @ WimGoban. I'll be possibly be adding some new links to the sidebar soon.