Thursday 2 July 2015

Normal club night.

Since the bar owner doesn't seem to mind it, I took Leo to play some games and drink lemonade at the club today. There were three regular members attending tonight. Pretty normal, down a bit from our heyday, but enough to make a game.

Leo got to play two games on the 13x13 board, against a 1dan, and me. He did lose to our friend with 13 stone handi by 12 points, but managed to beat me with 9 stones by resignation. So... I Finally got to see some real determination in his play!

It was fun to watch him play too, especially when he got on fire in the mid game, and sped up his play. He later regretted it though, because he ended up killing a group of his own, which might not have happened had he thought his moves a bit. But I think it's a good start. He did manage to 'see something' to pursue after all, and went after it with all he got. A good start!

I can't say I was playing well today. Maybe I was just tired. Lost with twenty-something points on the big board, and lost to Leo by resigning, after discussing a group that was on the verge of death.

Hope your games have gone better. See ya, and play well! Good night!

p.s. I tried to remember how the games went to replay them here, but looks like my tired mind just isn't capable of remembering them anymore. So I'm going to skip that one and take a rest now.

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