Thursday 9 July 2015

My friends are too strong. ;)

I went to the go club today, and surprise surprise took Leo there with me. He seems to enjoy coming there and even played one game, slowly. (I'm puzzled if the old Batman re-runs that can be seen on the big screen there have something to do with his apparent enthusiasm though.)

Well, I played two games myself, first against our 1 dan with 7 stones handicap, and the second game against our 3 dan with 8 stones, both of them I lost. Well, I think I should just study more.

Lately I've been doing tsumegos on my phone using the Gobandroid app. While I can't say I've been doing any progress, I'm confident doing them daily will eventually boost my games. If only I can remember to do them daily that is.

We decided that if the weather so allows, we'll be playing in the Lahti boat harbour next week. It's an awesome place when the weather is good.

There was also some talk of an upcoming Nordic Go Academy Summer Camp 2015 in Espoo on 17th to 24th July. Mainly about attending the tournament on 23rd.

I'd like to attend the whole camp, though concerning my financial state at the moment, I might have to pass on that one. Currently the fee of 200 € plus travel seems a bit overkill for me. I might even end up having to take Leo with me if I decided to go for a whole week.

Alas we already had some other plans for the starter weekend of the camp, so it's kind of pointless to ponder over the possibility to attend it all, but since the actual tournament is open to everyone, it'd be nice to take part in that.

Looks like attending the tournament costs 30 €. A bit hefty, but I guess I could scrape something up for that date.

Anyway it's getting late now, so as always, have nice games!

Update: Decided not to this year, after all, we are having our own little tournament next weekend, and I've been feeling somewhat under the weather for a week now. Hoping to get better before Saturday though.


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