Thursday 9 July 2015

Blogging about Go

I noticed there is a trend.

A trend of non-productivity, especially in blogs about Go. Most of the go blogs I used to read, are now dead or inactive. That is a bit sad.

After all, no matter how good a game is, I think it is beneficial to the game and the gaming community as a whole, if someone keeps actively advertising the game they like to play.

Of course, it may be that all the attention lately has centered around some strong YouTube Go streamers. Which I guess is good, but like videblogging, it also seems to take a lot of interest away from the original blogosphere.

One possible thing to revive the blogging scene is to learn to combine the two areas. So I'm heavily pondering about the idea of making some elementary go videos (for Finns, with English subs or vice versa) and linking them here.

Today is Thursday, which means we have a club meeting today. So as I attend the club tonight, I'm going to bring up advertising again. We definitely need new members, because some of our old members are moving away. Of course we have some faithful "old farts" who couldn't even think of quitting, but it'd still be nice if we had some new people come in every now and then.

But now, I must go outside with the kids. The sun finally showed up.

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