Sunday 1 August 2010

ASR League starts afresh. July games are over.

It was kind of surprised to see how much the league had changed when I logged on to KGS this morning. The whole Delta league was dropped because of not enough players, and now the Gamma classes are huge again. This looks promising, as there will likely be more games per class.

The one gripe I have with these changes is the new class is now full of pretty much unknown people, and that I've now been separated from those whom I considered rivals. Well I don't think things are so bleak, after all I have a chance of playing a couple of winning games too, instead of losing every game like in the previous two months I've been on the league. And hopefully, if there are more participants next month, the Delta league might get re-instated.

I might be able to play a bit more games starting monday though. I am looking forward to it.

Some changes in this blog too. I added a blogroll. If anyone has a go blog, please send me a message or a comment here and I'll gladly add yours.

About that ASR League though. I was encouraged to advertise it a bit more here, so I'll start by adding a small introduction to the league here.

The league consists of four different levels: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, Alpha being the highest class, and Delta being those who score lower or are just beginning in the league. Promoting and demoting between classes in the pyramid will be done by keeping score on the games between league participants in a class. The best two players will be promoted, while the worst four performers in each class will be demoted to a lower class. If one doesn't play a minimum of four games per month, they will be kicked off the league. (Which according to stalkor is negotiable, since after all, we all have our lives outside the league too.)

The games will be played by Japanese rules on a 19x19 board, with no handicap. Komi is 6.5. Timing should be 25 to 45 minutes with 5 x 30 s byo-yomi. Game type should be Free, Simul or Ranked according to the players' wishes, but not Private, since they are invisible to the score counter. The games are to be tagged 'ASR League' so that the system will recognice them. Each player can play every other player in his class max. 3 times. Class sizes would normally be 14 players per class, but as of now, most of Delta class were cleared and instead there is now 22 players on each Gamma class. That's why we are hoping for more active people to join the league.

The pyramid system.

This is how the pyramid system looks like. You can also find this picture from the ASR League rules page.
If you are interested in learning Go efficiently and want to play against really strong opponents, you should consider joining the league. It will definitely take some dedication on your part, but I will promise that it'll be worth it! You can talk to stalkor in the Advanced Study Room on KGS, he accepts applications for new participants till 15th of every month. So if you want to be in the September league, be quick and apply before Sunday 15th.

And, if you may, spread the word. I want to play against all of you. ^^ Thanks, and see you in the league! /gg

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