Saturday 7 August 2010

A different game. Longest I've ever played.

Last night ardesh and I played what can be called fun, weird and long friendly game. Actually it was the longest one either of us have ever played. The game I had with JachUGAN a couple nights ago was also long, but I don't think it lasted this long, can't really remember. We were just too tired then and that turned out pretty weird.

But here's a game I can actually be somewhat proud of. Weirdness comes from the fact it was a reverse colour, reverse komi match. So we had to take away 13 points from my score when finished. But as it was a free game it didn't matter that much anyway. We also played without time limit. First move is a pass for black.

Below is the cleaned up version of the game for you enjoyment:
PC[The KGS Go Server at]
;C[ardesh [10k\]: lets continue here :D
ardesh [10k\]: have fun :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I was hoping I'd get black stones ;)
AmbyR00 [13k\]: haha
ardesh [10k\]: hehe :D
ardesh [10k\]: thats what nigiri is for :D
ardesh [10k\]: your strategy was based oin being black?
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I can try it being white, but I don't know if I succeed\
ardesh [10k\]: okay i ll passs then]
;B[];W[cp];B[pd];W[dc];B[pp];W[nq];B[eq]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok, you \
changed the game ;)
ardesh [10k\]: i know :D
ardesh [10k\]: i think you were expecting r6 or q6
AmbyR00 [13k\]: that would probably be the common answer
ardesh [10k\]: yes
ardesh [10k\]: but u can decide to tenuki]
;W[hq]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok... maybe I can work this];B[en]
;W[ep];B[fp];W[eo];B[fo];W[cn];B[kq]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: doesn't look much\
what I learned ;)
ardesh [10k\]: hehe :D
ardesh [10k\]: its okay
ardesh [10k\]: i m still very vulnerable
AmbyR00 [13k\]: thinking...
AmbyR00 [13k\]: damn I have no idea what to do]
;W[ho]C[ardesh [10k\]: good move :D];B[ko];W[fr];B[er];W[jr]
;B[kr];W[fq];B[cq];W[cr];B[dp];W[do];B[bp];W[dq]C[ardesh [10k\]: i \
think i killed myself there :/]
;B[km];W[kn]C[ardesh [10k\]: doesnt look good for me now :D]
;B[nk];W[lm]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: well you've got a pretty impressive \
territory on the right]
;B[df]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: and a strong wall too :)
ardesh [10k\]: ya... and much territory at the lower side
ardesh [10k\]: i think you lead with at least 30 points]
;W[dh];B[fd];W[ee];B[ff];W[ef];B[fe]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: so now that linux\
"just works" I've become somewhat lazy about that nerd thing... geek \
is a title that actually suits me better now :)
ardesh [10k\]: hehe
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I just hate walls
AmbyR00 [13k\]: maybe I should've cut to the right
ardesh [10k\]: i like them... but i cant use them properly :/]
;W[ge];B[hf];W[gf];B[gd];W[gg]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: nasty fight]
;B[fc];W[if]C[ardesh [10k\]: yes
ardesh [10k\]: and game deciding :D];B[hg];W[jd];B[eg];W[dg]
;B[ed];W[de];B[dd];W[ce];B[gh];W[cd]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: oh... here I was \
thinking that you already decided the game ;)]
;B[ei]C[ardesh [10k\]: no
ardesh [10k\]: its almost even now
ardesh [10k\]: ure still leading
ardesh [10k\]: but that fight is really complicated :];W[ig]
;B[hh];W[pf];B[ph];W[nc];B[ld]C[ardesh [10k\]: that was what i feared \
all the time :D]
;W[lc];B[ke]C[ardesh [10k\]: the fighting in our game somehow looks \
like korean
ardesh [10k\]: all those alternating black white patterns :D
ardesh [10k\]: and this aggressive cutting :D]
;W[nd];B[mf]C[ardesh [10k\]: mhh
ardesh [10k\]: i havent got a game with fighting that fierce for a long\
ardesh [10k\]: i think we should play more often
ardesh [10k\]: :)
AmbyR00 [13k\]: heh...
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I'm not reading far enough
ardesh [10k\]: hehe
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I just can't see what will happen
ardesh [10k\]: i have trouble too :D
ardesh [10k\]: its too complicated
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I could get two stones, but what will I win with that?
ardesh [10k\]: O_o
AmbyR00 [13k\]: can't see
ardesh [10k\]: u cant get two stones :D
ardesh [10k\]: u mean m and n 16?
AmbyR00 [13k\]: of course I can
AmbyR00 [13k\]: two is logical
ardesh [10k\]: mhhh
AmbyR00 [13k\]: you wouldn't give me four
ardesh [10k\]: ah now i see it
ardesh [10k\]: havent thought of that move :D]
;W[rg];B[rf];W[pi];B[sh];W[oh]C[ardesh [10k\]: nice :)];B[sg]
C[ardesh [10k\]: didnt see that :D];W[qj];B[ph];W[oj];B[ll]
;W[mm]C[ardesh [10k\]: i think you won :)];B[nl]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: oh
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I can't count points yet
ardesh [10k\]: mhh just try :D
ardesh [10k\]: we can practice together after that match :)
AmbyR00 [13k\]: you just want me to relax so that you can win when I'm \
not paying attention ;)
AmbyR00 [13k\]: haha
ardesh [10k\]: nope
ardesh [10k\]: you are really leading :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: well... let's see...
ardesh [10k\]: by about 10 or 20 points
ardesh [10k\]: cant say yet
ardesh [10k\]: theres still too much open
ardesh [10k\]: and my yose is quite strong
ardesh [10k\]: so i suppose it will be a close result :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: heh
AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok
ardesh [10k\]: but you re playing well as far as i can tell :)]
;W[iq];B[io]C[ardesh [10k\]: mhhh
ardesh [10k\]: much aji left in this stones :D];W[jo];B[go]
;W[om];B[pm];W[sm];B[sn];W[sj];B[ro]C[ardesh [10k\]: mhh]
;W[oc]C[ardesh [10k\]: i need to kill something big :/
ardesh [10k\]: youre leading by a few points];B[pc];W[hi]
;B[pb]C[ardesh [10k\]: mhh youre leading with >10 points
ardesh [10k\]: more like 20
ardesh [10k\]: unless i forgot to count :D something
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I'm just thinking where is the elusive sente
ardesh [10k\]: yes
ardesh [10k\]: i m thinking about that as well
ardesh [10k\]: and i ve my plans ready... :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: argh... there's only one small one
ardesh [10k\]: hehe :D
ardesh [10k\]: if you think so :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok, two
ardesh [10k\]: i see around 5-7 :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: that's you
AmbyR00 [13k\]: can you see my sente's?
ardesh [10k\]: yes :D
ardesh [10k\]: but which 2 :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: you have so many
ardesh [10k\]: yes :D
ardesh [10k\]: okay.. i can see 4 for you now];W[cm]C[romanwahoo [-\]: \
why don't i see that many sente?
ardesh [10k\]: yes :D]
;B[ec]C[ttat [11k\]: meh that's not really sente];W[ca];B[cc]
;W[bc];B[el]C[ardesh [10k\]: lets fight ko :D
ardesh [10k\]: do you remember when we started playing?
ardesh [10k\]: feels like 2 hours :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: remember?
AmbyR00 [13k\]: it might be two hours already
AmbyR00 [13k\]: hmm... I wonder if I'm even interested in ko ;)]
;W[qh]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok, let's make it triple];B[da]C[ardesh [10k\]:\
;W[dc]C[ardesh [10k\]: i think i might have more threats than you :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: of course you do];B[ji];W[jg];B[cc];W[fh]
;B[fg];W[dc];B[ms];W[ks];B[cc];W[ik];B[jk];W[dc];B[js]C[ttat [11k\]: ko\
for 1 pt -_-]
;W[jq];B[ls]C[ardesh [10k\]: O_o
ardesh [10k\]: bad decision :D];W[kp];B[ks]C[ardesh [10k\]: might have \
turned the tide again :)]
;W[dc];B[qd];W[pa];B[qa];W[na];B[rb];W[ia]C[ardesh [10k\]: i lost \
points there :/]
;B[cc]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: um... where?
ardesh [10k\]: upper right
ardesh [10k\]: i shouldve let u have this ko];W[ra];B[qb]
;W[dc];B[cl]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: and yet you want to fight
ardesh [10k\]: sure
ardesh [10k\]: i still have enough threats :D
ardesh [10k\]: and i think that u got a few more points than i got...
ardesh [10k\]: because of the reverse komi
AmbyR00 [13k\]: reverse komi?
ardesh [10k\]: yes
ardesh [10k\]: i passed the first move
AmbyR00 [13k\]: oh... you mean the pass
ardesh [10k\]: that gives you the first move +6.5 points
AmbyR00 [13k\]: that sucks
ardesh [10k\]: hehe... doesnt matter :D
ardesh [10k\]: the game itsself is all that counts now :D]
;W[gk]C[ardesh [10k\]: lol 2:30 already
ardesh [10k\]: err i mean were playing for 2 and a half hour now :D]
;B[gl]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: heh
AmbyR00 [13k\]: lots of thinking
ardesh [10k\]: we started 2313];W[ki];B[cc];W[hl]C[ardesh [10k\]: its \
the longest game i ever played :D]
;B[hm];W[dc];B[bi]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: could've been a 37x37 ;)
ardesh [10k\]: yes :D
ardesh [10k\]: but a fast one :D];W[ch];B[cc]C[ardesh [10k\]: i think \
you ran out of threats now :D]
;W[bb]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: I did];B[br];W[bo];B[bq]C[ardesh [10k\]: now \
alittle life and death practice :D
ardesh [10k\]: but i dont see real chances for me to life there :D]
;W[es];B[cs];W[dr]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: heh];B[ap];W[ar]C[ardesh [10k\]: \
well done :D]
;B[dc];W[dl];B[ja];W[cl];B[ia]C[ardesh [10k\]: thats it :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: yea
ardesh [10k\]: i think you won :)];W[]C[ardesh [10k\]: by.. say 15 \
AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok, let's count then]
;B[]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: and let's minus that 6.5 komi from my result ;)
ardesh [10k\]: and add 6.5 to mine :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: hmm
ardesh [10k\]: okay.. you won by 10 points then :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: 9.5 points
ardesh [10k\]: ah.. this halt point doesnt matter :D
ardesh [10k\]: but i really enjoyed that game :D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: me too... it was nice
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I wonder if anyone is awake to review :)]
(There were some misclicks in the original so I cut them out, you can see the SGF linked earlier for the dirty original.)

I'm really glad I could share that. I did like this game and I think ardesh is a plenty strong player, I wish I can play against him many more times.

Now I think I'm going to relax and take my son out to the park. See ya! ^^ /gg

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