Sunday 8 August 2010

Humility in a game.

First I would like to apologize to JachUGAN for being such a spoil sport, presumptuous in my play and in my attitude last night. I could hardly sleep last night because I had to reflect on our last game. It was supposed to be a friendly game, but turned out I was not being friendly enough. I was perhaps feeling too strong for my own good. Smugness overcame me and I forgot to watch the game, instead I started boasting with my insufficient skills. I should have known better. Most of my game till that point was decided by luck, not skill, and it should have rang some bells to be extra cautious instead of being so cocky.

"Ninja skills" was the term Jach described my intrusion. I take it as a compliment, but I guess it was strategically badly implemented. I should have waited for a few moves, maybe secure the lower board before attacking. Doing so without proper backup is just arrogant and stupid. I have no excuse.

After the blunder I was desperately trying to rescue what I could. But the game was already set. All the power I felt I had, had slipped from my fingers. And I started making awful, awful mistakes which I had to undo time and time again. Thank goodness it was not a league, tournament or a ranked game.

Otherwise, it was a pretty good game, my understanding of the initial fuseki is getting better, and I can already give some good fight to 10kyu players. Maybe I'll be SDK soon.

Here's the game, this time unedited so you can see all my mistakes, stupidity and arrogance in full:
RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[900]OT[5x60 byo-yomi]
PW[JachUGAN]PB[AmbyR00]WR[11k]BR[13k]DT[2010-08-07]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: gl hf =)
JachUGAN [11k\]: i'll do my best
AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok... have a nice game
;W[cd]WL[882.308]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: doesn't look right :)
;B[ec]BL[838.697]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: laaal
JachUGAN [11k\]: i'm hesitating
JachUGAN [11k\]: joseki or not
AmbyR00 [13k\]: please do hesitate :)
JachUGAN [11k\]: xD
;W[gc]WL[786.793]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: i never played g17 before, i usually play something else
;B[ic]BL[771.137]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: hmm...
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I'm thinking I might have misjudged something but I don't know what it is yet ;)
JachUGAN [11k\]: bah
JachUGAN [11k\]: don't really now the best answer here
AmbyR00 [13k\]: and this is probably turning into a fighting game too
JachUGAN [11k\]: hahahaha
;W[ed]WL[709.856]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: as long as we learn somthing =)
;W[bd]WL[681.889]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: you know I suck in joseki ;)
;B[fd]BL[695.71]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: that's not a joseki
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I know
AmbyR00 [13k\]: that's why I suck in it
;B[pl]BL[542.363]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: good =D
JachUGAN [11k\]: i was gonna attack there
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I know
;W[od]WL[549.289]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: hmm... now what kind of attack is this :) looks scary
JachUGAN [11k\]: nah it's just experimentations
JachUGAN [11k\]: i don't usually play P16 with such little space
;B[mc]BL[357.495]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: well that's smthg i didn't think about
AmbyR00 [13k\]: ah... the time is not looking good for me
AmbyR00 [13k\]: I think too much
JachUGAN [11k\]: i'll add u time later
;B[nk]BL[397.342]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: i added 5min =)
;W[oj]WL[419.377]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: oh... thanks :)
JachUGAN [11k\]: np =)
;W[si]WL[340.053]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok... that was a mistake
JachUGAN [11k\]: =)
;B[ip]BL[207.48]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: trying to secrue territory =)
;B[il]BL[148.03]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: here's five
JachUGAN [11k\]: oh thx =)
JachUGAN [11k\]: i forgot the time =)
AmbyR00 [13k\]: it's ok :)
;W[cp]WL[188.12]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: the dans have taught u some vicious techniques =D
AmbyR00 [13k\]: aha :)
;B[ep]BL[37.242]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: lol
JachUGAN [11k\]: absolute lol
AmbyR00 [13k\]: like it? :)
JachUGAN [11k\]: xD XD XD XD XD
AmbyR00 [13k\]: it was pretty fun :)
JachUGAN [11k\]: hahahaha
JachUGAN [11k\]: that was no comment
JachUGAN [11k\]: omg
;W[dm]WL[116.381]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: you're kicking my ass =)
;W[bq]WL[110.49]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok, that was a mistake, got a bit careless :)
JachUGAN [11k\]: bah
JachUGAN [11k\]: what about my atari
JachUGAN [11k\]: that's was historical
JachUGAN [11k\]: even 50 kyu don't do that xD
AmbyR00 [13k\]: that double atari? :)
AmbyR00 [13k\]: uh... time
JachUGAN [11k\]: i gave u more
AmbyR00 [13k\]: thanks :)
JachUGAN [11k\]: np
;B[oc]BL[208.873]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: oh
JachUGAN [11k\]: >_< AmbyR00 [13k\]: I think I might be getting a bit stronger JachUGAN [11k\]: of course =) AmbyR00 [13k\]: I thought only my chess skills had improved :) JachUGAN [11k\]: that's a good game to learn JachUGAN [11k\]: i tried stuff i never do usually JachUGAN [11k\]: you're becoming good ] ;W[nd]WL[305.032]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: I've managed to keep sente albeit my mistakes JachUGAN [11k\]: yes JachUGAN [11k\]: i have several groups ] ;B[nc]BL[180.322]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: that makes my task harder ] ;W[qe]WL[291.863]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: now you got sente JachUGAN [11k\]: =D ] ;B[pe]BL[105.77] ;W[pd]WL[285.535] ;B[re]BL[362.217] ;W[oe]WL[280.472] ;B[pc]BL[333.824] ;W[pf]WL[275.255] ;B[qf]BL[323.279] ;W[rd]WL[227.479] ;B[qc]BL[311.654] ;W[rf]WL[215.087] ;B[pe]BL[305.997] ;W[ej]WL[212.24] ;B[ek]BL[106.45] ;W[qe]WL[209.569] ;B[hm]BL[72.847] ;W[se]WL[200.787] ;B[rc]BL[60]OB[5]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: I might have made a slight miscalculation there JachUGAN [11k\]: no JachUGAN [11k\]: u cut my stone JachUGAN [11k\]: for me i wouldn't answer that JachUGAN [11k\]: cuz it was cut =) JachUGAN [11k\]: wouldn't be able to save it anyway =) AmbyR00 [13k\]: heh... I had much bigger prey at sight, but I think it's impossible after all :) JachUGAN [11k\]: bah JachUGAN [11k\]: it's a friendly game JachUGAN [11k\]: to try things JachUGAN [11k\]: usually in the league we're more stressed AmbyR00 [13k\]: heh AmbyR00 [13k\]: true ] ;W[hn]WL[283.467] ;B[gn]BL[283.438] ;W[kq]WL[279.422] ;B[lp]BL[270.322] ;W[go]WL[209.111] ;B[fn]BL[265.364] ;W[gp]WL[204.761] ;B[ho]BL[245.131] ;W[fp]WL[178.428] ;B[eq]BL[242.911] ;W[gq]WL[175.31] ;B[fr]BL[230.012] ;W[gr]WL[170.927]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: take your time to think JachUGAN [11k\]: i'll add time as much as needed ] ;B[am]BL[126.176] ;W[bn]WL[135.722]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: still lack liberties JachUGAN [11k\]: yes ] ;B[ir]BL[276.812]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: this turns the game pretty awkward for me ;) JachUGAN [11k\]: well i was behind JachUGAN [11k\]: before that ] ;W[io]WL[5.364] ;B[kp]BL[257.777] ;W[hp]WL[0.831] ;B[gs]BL[233.18] ;W[er]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[hr]BL[201.519] ;W[fs]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[jo]BL[141.52] ;W[iq]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[jq]BL[130.697] ;W[jp]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[kr]BL[111.979] ;W[jr]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[lq]BL[103.693] ;W[jq]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[lr]BL[101.848]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: my game just disappeared ;) ] ;W[nj]WL[231.702]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: =) JachUGAN [11k\]: this game was hard JachUGAN [11k\]: at least for me ] ;B[me]BL[333.28]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: it's still hard ] ;W[md]WL[223.867] ;B[ld]BL[330.178] ;W[le]WL[218.748] ;B[kd]BL[318.177] ;W[ke]WL[214.097] ;B[je]BL[310.579] ;W[mf]WL[174.335] ;B[lf]BL[303.845] ;W[kf]WL[148.645] ;B[lg]BL[301.286] ;W[mg]WL[138.812] ;B[jf]BL[268.111] ;W[kg]WL[131.577]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: this is turning into a complex fight ] ;B[lh]BL[254.528]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: which is great ] ;W[jg]WL[116.631] ;B[jh]BL[199.2] ;W[ig]WL[86.005] ;B[hg]BL[183.023] ;W[fc]WL[62.267] ;B[eb]BL[164.608] ;W[kh]WL[51.599] ;B[li]BL[160.746] ;W[ih]WL[13.916] ;B[ji]BL[154.012] ;W[jd]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[id]BL[137.492] ;W[if]WL[248.447] ;B[ie]BL[129.061] ;W[gf]WL[242.501] ;B[hf]BL[123.367]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: ah damn JachUGAN [11k\]: loool JachUGAN [11k\]: i miscalculated again xD ] ;W[bc]WL[181.747] ;B[cb]BL[78.374] ;W[ki]WL[154.85] (;B[lj]BL[71.562]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: I don't know... the same threats are there JachUGAN [11k\]: yes JachUGAN [11k\]: but i think it's harder for me now ] ;W[kj]WL[118.529]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: this is difficult JachUGAN [11k\]: well it's difficult for both of us =) ] (;B[kk]BL[52.257] ;W[mk]WL[65.664]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: hehe..l. undo ... undo .. undo ;) JachUGAN [11k\]: no prob =) ] (;B[lk]BL[12.983]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: that's what i said ] ;W[nl]WL[49.172]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: the longer we play the sleepier I get ;) JachUGAN [11k\]: lool AmbyR00 [13k\]: time ] ;B[om]BL[294.457] ;W[ml]WL[43.126] ;B[lm]BL[129.102] ;W[ij]WL[32.3] ;B[hj]BL[94.695] ;W[jj]WL[1.581] ;B[jk]BL[55.292] ;W[mm]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[mn]BL[53.207] ;W[ll]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[km]BL[37.006] ;W[ik]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[hk]BL[12.684] ;W[kl]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[jl]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[im]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[jm]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[nn]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[on]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ln]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[mo]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[jn]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[kn]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ko]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[lo]BL[60]OB[5]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: you saved yourself =) ] ;W[so]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[rm]BL[219.932] ;W[sm]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[sl]BL[213.424]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: yes JachUGAN [11k\]: my mistake =) ] ;W[qk]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[sn]BL[207.643] ;W[sk]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[sm]BL[205.96]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: nice ] ;W[mj]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[hh]BL[175.731] ;W[ii]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[hi]BL[170.479]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: lool almost got raped by myself ^^ ] ;W[bf]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[jh]BL[146.635] ;W[ne]WL[60]OW[5]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: that group wasn't without eyes =) ] ;B[ag]BL[104.452] ;W[bg]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[bh]BL[102.616] ;W[af]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[ah]BL[84.379] ;W[an]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[al]BL[78.288] ;W[js]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[ks]BL[32.148] ;W[hl]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[fj]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[fi]WL[60]OW[5] (;B[gj]BL[289.729]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: good=) ] ;W[bb]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[ba]BL[210.188] ;W[sc]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[sb]BL[205.503] ;W[sd]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[ra]BL[204.29] ;W[mh]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[mi]BL[178.594] ;W[ni]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[jo]BL[117.251] ;W[hm]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[gg]BL[74.427] ;W[ko]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[ln]BL[36.733] ;W[no]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[np]BL[32.463] ;W[oo]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[pn]BL[31.025] ;W[op]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[oq]BL[25.178] ;W[dd]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[fg]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[dc]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[db]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[da]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[fb]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[fa]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ga]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[hc]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ea]WL[60]OW[5]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: bah JachUGAN [11k\]: =) ] ;B[hb]BL[244.233]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: I made some shoddy mistakes in this game :( JachUGAN [11k\]: well same here JachUGAN [11k\]: it just happense AmbyR00 [13k\]: everything started so well ] ;W[ha]WL[60]OW[5]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: bah that's the beauty of go =) AmbyR00 [13k\]: but that bottom left group was the end for me ChemBoy613 [-\]: take ko! JachUGAN [11k\]: well i took some risks in the begining with some new attacks for me ] ;B[fa]BL[203.69]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: it's a good way for us to learn JachUGAN [11k\]: ohh JachUGAN [11k\]: i didn't see this ko ] ;W[lc]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[jc]BL[187.803] ;W[ea]WL[60]OW[5]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: wait... I must be too tired again JachUGAN [11k\]: just concentrate a bit more JachUGAN [11k\]: we're almost done =) ] ;B[kc]BL[123.074] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[ia]BL[120.225] ;W[gb]WL[60]OW[5]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: you needed a huge threat there ] ;B[gh]BL[94.017] ;W[ef]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[gi]BL[92.048] ;W[eh]WL[60]OW[5]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: I lost AmbyR00 [13k\]: :((((( JachUGAN [11k\]: bah JachUGAN [11k\]: that's the game ] ;B[jo]BL[52.856]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: you'll beat me some other day AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok AmbyR00 [13k\]: I probably will ;) JachUGAN [11k\]: 100% ] ;W[]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[]BL[52.855]TW[aa][ba][da][fa][ab][cb][db][eb][ac][cc][ec][ad][ae][be][ce][de][me][pe][re][nf][of][qf][sf][ng][og][pg][qg][rg][sg][jh][nh][oh][ph][qh][rh][sh][ji][oi][qi][pj][rj][sj][nk][rk][en][fn][gn][ao][co][do][eo][fo][ho][ap][bp][ep][ip][aq][cq][eq][fq][hq][ar][br][cr][fr][hr][ir][as][bs][cs][ds][es][gs][hs][is]TB[ja][ka][la][ma][na][oa][pa][qa][sa][ib][jb][kb][lb][mb][nb][ob][pb][qb][rb][lc][hd][jd][he][ai][bi][aj][cj][ak][bk][ck][fk][gk][pm][nn][rn][no][oo][po][qo][ro][so][mp][op][pp][qp][rp][sp][mq][nq][qq][rq][sq][mr][nr][or][pr][qr][rr][sr][ls][ms][ns][os][ps][qs][rs][ss]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: thx for the game ChemBoy613 [-\]: jach do you want another game? JachUGAN [11k\]: the score doesn't reflet it AmbyR00 [13k\]: actually 43 points isn't that many if you think of my losses JachUGAN [11k\]: it's midnight here i'm really tired JachUGAN [11k\]: sorry ChemBoy613 [-\]: ah ok ChemBoy613 [-\]: thought i'd ask AmbyR00 [13k\]: 1am here JachUGAN [11k\]: sorry chemboy AmbyR00 [13k\]: chem you can review for me :) AmbyR00 [13k\]: if you want ]) (;B[gi]BL[60]OB[5])) (;B[nl]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[lk]WL[63.281]C[AmbyR00 [13k\]: even that was bad ;) ]) (;B[ml]BL[28.887] ;W[nl]WL[58.512]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: i doubt that playing N8 is the best way to answer JachUGAN [11k\]: cuz it just creates more holes AmbyR00 [13k\]: hmm... yea there might not be threats efficient enough JachUGAN [11k\]: i won't even start the ko =) AmbyR00 [13k\]: it depends on the threat I gues JachUGAN [11k\]: well JachUGAN [11k\]: here you have to lose smthg JachUGAN [11k\]: =) AmbyR00 [13k\]: you are right... there are no threats big enough ])) (;B[mk]BL[60.993])) (;B[mj]BL[76.527] ;W[mk]WL[115.416] ;B[lk]BL[65.768] ;W[nl]WL[108.751] ;B[ml]BL[55.471] ;W[om]WL[105.214]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: i think the first option was better AmbyR00 [13k\]: that was just weird AmbyR00 [13k\]: hmm... JachUGAN [11k\]: do u wanna go back to it? AmbyR00 [13k\]: ok... ]) (;B[lj]BL[52.774]C[JachUGAN [11k\]: this fight has just brought me shit =D AmbyR00 [13k\]: may I undo? JachUGAN [11k\]: sure ]))

All that said, I think I've learned a valuable lesson here. Go teaches humility in a way I really didn't envision. Very educational stuff, and I bet it could be beneficial to all mankind if this game was introduced to as many kids as possible, just to teach them this same lesson.

Now that I got this off my heart, I am looking forward for more games against JachUGAN. Good game!

Fatherly duties await, so I'll be off now. See you soon! ^^ /gg

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