Friday 23 July 2010

I wish I could be there. Tampere EGC 2010.

Sadly I wasn't able to arrange for myself to attend the European Go Congress in Tampere this year. I would've wanted to check it out and meet some of those 14 pros and other go players from all around Europe that are also visiting the congress. The lack of money and timing issues with my son's return from Lapland are definitely keeping me home this weekend. But, there's eventually another congress some other time.

I was making some quick calculations one day, and I noticed that if I can keep up the recent pace with my rankings in KGS (since March) I might eventually reach 1kyu (dan?) in one year. I think that could be a nice goal for myself. I've also been doing tsumego every morning for a while now and I have a modest goal of completing atleast 40 of them each day. Achievable, no?

I haven't been very active in ASR League lately. Haven't found people on my class Gamma IV to be on-line at the same time I've been on. That, or they have been in the middle of a game whenever I've been there. So I've mostly played some ranked games to try raise my rank, first with a rocketing results as I was 13kyu for a while. But I soon dropped back to the 14kyu where I still belong. :) I'm not very skillful in picking fights on the board yet.

Had a chat today with SciSan 4k after a game of mine ended that he was watching, and I naturally told him that unlike in the game I had just played, I want to hone my fuseki skills into such perfection I never have to fight. From him I learned that can be considered a style in itself. So there I decided I would adopt that style as my own, as it is already in my forte. After all, everyone keeps telling me so, so maybe I just have to accept that and take it to heart.

The league will soon be over for july, so I need to pick up pace one of these days anyway lest I drop to Delta class. But... You guessed it. I'm going to sleep first. So Good night, and have nice games! ^^ See ya!!

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