Wednesday 12 May 2010


I didn't know solving go problems would have such a great impact on the game play. I recently had a losing streak and I had to get away from the game for a while. So I spent some time at when I normally would have played on KGS, and relaxed.
Had some exercise doing qigong and aikido too and spent some more time with my son, mainly teaching him to ride a bicicle and scouring the small forests together. I'm doing pretty good in the improving department. More of that after this...

I recently learned I am going to be a father, again. Here's a picture of the little newcomer:

Cute, ain't it? :) I'm going to teach my kids everything I know about Go, and maybe they grow a bit smarter and capable than I've managed to be. Hopefully everything works out, and I think, maybe they will be assisting me with the café when I finally have succeeded bringing it about. Who knows?=)

So I played altogether 3 great games yesterday and today, one of them with a 3d (which I lost mind you), the other two were against one 14k yesterday (win by resigning) and a 16k today (loss by time, although it was a win in every other way). I finally feel like I'm starting to understand the game more, and even being able to count the liberties to the point I won't get butchered every time I think I have a major capture on sight. And my corner play has improved a lot. I love it. Tsumego is really worth doing.

Oh... And I also ordered myself a goban w/ stones via a local games shop. Waiting anxiously for it to arrive.

But now, I'll just say good night since it's already over 1:22 (am) here. I have an early morning tomorrow. See ya! ^^ /gg

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