Saturday 22 May 2010

My first goban!

I finally got myself a real, concrete flippable 19x19 + 13x13 go-board! It took a while but I'm ecstatic, even if it's only plywood.
I got a call yesterday from the game shop I ordered it from, that I could pick it up, so I did without waiting. I've already played a couple of "teaching games" with my son, who btw. isn't too bad a player although he has never really played on a big board (13x13) before. Here's a recreation of a game I played online yesterday night:

I'm not particularly proud of the game, but it was actually kind of fun, albeit scary. It just happened that the opponent changed from a beginner kyu level to a 1dan in the middle game. I had to resign at this point since I was crushed. ^^

Ok, turned out the 1dan took over his brother's game when it was getting a bit too difficult. Since I didn't know what had happened I just noticed the game play changed from sheer random to highly coordinated, and I was wondering if someone had been toying with me. I was apologized for it though, and the guy I played turned out to be a good guy after all. He reviewed the game for me and told me his brother would like to play me again some time. I also ended up apologizing his brother since I did play a bit harsh, aggressive kind of game against him.

Afterwards I should've gone to bed, but I ended up showing the game to other friends on KGS, and yet when I almost had gone, I noticed there was a 3dan checking the game out I found myself getting reviewed again and taught about liberties. Precious stuff. Now, I'm about to go to bed again because tomorrow I have day two of an aikido seminar by sensei Micheline Tissier 6dan, and it starts at 10am. It's 23:30 and I'm still awake it seems... See ya soon! ^^ /gg

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