Monday 22 March 2010

Idea: Self-reviewing according to visitors' comments

I thought it'd be a cool idea to pick one of my older games (well, I asked on KGS and people pointed out the older games might be a bit too bad and I most likely don't remember it anymore, so I should perhaps choose a fairly recent one), post it online with eidogo and ask you guys for ideas and comments on how I could've played better, and afterwards post a self-review (again with eidogo) according to the comments I've got on the game. If I get really courageous I might (!) even do it as a video review, but I don't promise anything. How's that sound?

To experiment with this idea, here's one of my latest games. It was actually played today.

Chameau20 W vs AmbyR00 B :: (W+73.5)

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]HA[6]KM[0.50]TM[600]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[Chameau20]PB[AmbyR00]WR[10k]BR[19k]DT[2010-03-22]PC[The KGS Go Server at]AB[dd][pd][dj][pj][dp][pp]RE[W+73.50]
;W[nq]WL[595.206]C[AmbyR00 [19k\]: hello :)
Chameau20 [10k\]: hello gg
;W[rn]WL[429.877]C[AmbyR00 [19k\]: no
Chameau20 [10k\]: Sorry...
AmbyR00 [19k\]: hardly anything black has, lives
;B[ql]BL[62.902]C[Chameau20 [10k\]: you still have a big influence
;B[]BL[30]OB[3]TW[ga][ha][ia][ja][ka][la][ma][fb][gb][hb][ib][jb][kb][lb][mb][gc][hc][jc][lc][mc][gd][hd][id][jd][kd][ld][md][hk][gl][il][jl][am][bm][cm][dm][em][gm][im][jm][an][bn][dn][en][fn][gn][in][jn][qn][ao][bo][co][eo][fo][go][jo][ko][lo][no][po][qo][ro][so][ap][bp][cp][dp][fp][gp][ip][jp][kp][np][op][pp][qp][sp][aq][bq][cq][fq][gq][iq][jq][lq][mq][rq][sq][ar][br][cr][dr][er][fr][gr][hr][ir][jr][kr][lr][mr][nr][or][pr][qr][rr][sr][as][bs][cs][ds][es][fs][gs][hs][is][js][ks][ls][ms][ns][os][ps][qs][rs][ss]TB[aa][ba][ca][qa][ra][sa][ab][bb][cb][pb][rb][sb][ac][bc][cc][dc][pc][qc][rc][sc][ad][bd][cd][qd][rd][sd][ae][be][ce][de][ee][oe][pe][qe][re][se][af][bf][cf][df][of][qf][rf][sf][ag][bg][cg][dg][eg][fg][gg][ng][pg][qg][rg][sg][fh][hh][nh][ph][qh][rh][sh][ei][oi][pi][qi][ri][si][ej][oj][qj][rj][sj][pk][qk][rk][sk]C[AmbyR00 [19k\]: thank you
Chameau20 [10k\]: Thank you

I will track the responses (if any), and then post the self-review, probably in a few days.

Please post the move to be reviewed and any subsequent moves you'd like me to try. Thanks. I hope this experiment works out. See ya! ^^ /gg


  1. have looked through the first 70 moves, and it seems you have forgotten to consider the safety of the bottom two B chains. Neither yet have eyes, but their safety could have been helped with a move like J6 for move 28.

    I also don't like the p17, o16 exchange for B, as W ends up stronger than B does.

    K10 neither takes away nor gains points. W could have ignored. I'll go into yose theory if you wish.

    I'm not sure P13 is needed. Always consider the question 'what happens if i don't play this move?' especially in endgame.

    any questions, send me a mesage (zbass on kgs).

  2. I know, it is true that the whole bottom part was left unattended. I did more or less give up. I suppose this game should've been resigned. I noticed the three groups died and I might've had had a chance saving at least two of them if I really tried. Only I felt white was just too good. But I'll do the self-review for the complete part of the game. First thing I will need though, is some sleep.