Tuesday 30 March 2010

I have a dream.

I'm going to play one game before I go to sleep. I came here to mention a blog post I wrote on my other blog where I try to tackle the motivational aspects of my life. I have a feeling that if I do not eventually do something to doing nothing I might end up, well, doing nothing for the rest of my life.
So now that I already had a plan (mentioned earlier) that I had problems with and didn't quite know how to execute before, I guess all it really needs is patience and hard work. Maybe I should start by doing what I do now. Blogging. It seems to come pretty naturally anyway.

So, concerning my stated goals and the plan. I have already applied for a carpentry course, and a friend of mine has promised to teach me computer graphics using Inkscape, GIMP and Blender. And designing a goban with Blender was one of the first things I requested, and that he actually wanted to teach me to do. I think I can use that in order to build a board or two of my own. And eventually, when I have reached shodan and have become more experienced in making gobans. I might even incorporate them into the idea of a Go café I had earlier.

I need some sort of a job though, to support my project. Nothing comes without money these days. Unless of course, the blogging part suddenly starts paying off. (I'm not a big fan of ads though.) I've actually thought about doing some videos while I'm at it, but I've not yet gathered enough courage. Perhaps it will happen some day. I also need to figure what the heck I'm going to do or go on about in them. I'd appreciate feedback on this. If you have ideas let me know! Maybe I could do some investigation into the Finnish Go clubs or something, who knows.

But, um. Looks as if I spent more time I originally allotted for writing this, I wonder if I have time for one quick game. Hope seeing you soon! ^^ gg!

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