Saturday 13 March 2010

Reddit Go Club

About a week ago there was a thread about Go on Reddit where a question of creating a Reddit Go club came up, soon to be followed by an article on r/baduk asking the very same thing. So, a few of us started to frequent a room 'reddit' on KGS. The room was promptly made official and was moved to the Social rooms by a friendly gold star admin. So there we have it, reddit's own virtual go club. Next on agenda is creating some events or activities we could hold in our room to make our club even more interesting.

Anyway it's interesting as I've learned I'm the least experienced go player on r/baduk, ranking just 22k on KGS. But hopefully I'll be learning as I go on. If you want a game, feel free to ask anytime you see me on either KGS or IGS. See ya. ^^ gg!

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