Monday 12 December 2011

Posting from school


Looks like I haven't posted anything in a while. Maybe I should start doing so again, so here's an update.

Some interesting news

 Last summer I was eventually admitted to a school, and started studying in August. I'm to become a model builder/designer. Here are some of my early school assignments:

A butter knife

Bluetooth headset

A shovel handle

scrap metal robot

Go-stone themed stool


Although they do not exactly fit within the context of this blog, I decided to list them here anyway, just to give a glance at what I've been doing with my time lately. Now that that's said, what do you think about the go chair/stool? I designed it with my 5 and 1 year old sons in mind, so it measures about 22 cm high and 30 cm wide. I plan to make two of them, one black and other white (this particular one is built in 1:2 scale). I have yet to decide if I should make the inside into a small training goban, or perhaps carve it into a small compartment for toys.

In another news, I've been on and off playing on the ASR League, I even managed to rise to class Gamma III for a month, to drop to Delta again in the beginning of this one. I've been in a small slump as it is right now, so I decided not to play on the league, unless for keeping myself listed there, for a little while. With only a slight slowness on DGS I've been able to keep up with my ~15 games. All this studying, playing and all the added holiday stuff, stress is already getting to me. And to top it all, I've been working to set up that local go club I've mentioned.

The Go club

It is almost finalised by now, I was contacted by a local 1dan some months ago and we've been playing at a local club (almost) every monday night since. I've also gotten a green light from my school to set up a club here, so I guess by the start of the spring we'll be having an official school club too. Definitely something to wait for, especially if you live in Lahti, Finland!

With these news, I bid you all amazing holiday times, and we'll be seeing with another blog post soon. (I'll just have to arrange the time for it, right?)

See ya! ^^ gg

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