Sunday 9 January 2011

Guess who joined the ASR League again!

Yes! After an excruciating two months of not playing on the league (or even KGS for that matter) I decided it was time for me to join again.
From the start of this year I will be playing in the Epsilon VII class. Starting from the bottom again, but at least I can play again. I wasn't fully satisfied with the slow pace of DGS and frankly felt like there was a hole in my life when I couldn't find time for the league. Also, my KGS rank has apparently drifted from 12k to 9k all on its own. I wonder if my play has improved at all during this time.

I've been playing (and losing) in the league for the couple of past days, but already I feel like I'm learning something new in each game.

I'm totally in awe about the recent growth of the league. Only Starting this month there's been over 400 new members joining playing in the league. (Update: Oops! I was a bit too excited there. Fixed now.) I think that's pretty amazing development! It makes it all the more so interesting now because there really are many more motivated players around.

Speaking about motivation, my son Leo has recently become pretty motivated too, he challenges me to a game almost daily, so to keep his enthusiasm going I created him a KGS account so he can play against other people too. I know his skill is still lacking, but he is really making progress. Strength-wise I believe he's somewhere in the 30k - 25k range. It's truly a slow learning for him, but one can't expect a three to four year old be attentive enough to teach them everything at once. Slowly does it. I wonder if his little brother becomes a go player too. (Hmm... To those who were puzzled about Leo's games, yes I did drop him some clues when he was playing. I just couldn't watch him get slaughtered, that's all.)

I've been idling on the leather boards I made before the holidays. Not really progressed much, but I still plan to make the cups for the stones before my trainee period is over, that is before the 25th day of the month.

The Go-club hasn't progressed either, but at least I've now got three potential places where to invite people to play games. Maybe I'll make a small poster with my email ad for those who are interested to contact and put it up on different bulletin boards. Of course if you are living in the Lahti area here in Finland, you might want to send me comments too.

But hmm... I guess I'll go design some cups for the stones which I noticed have to be at least 21.5 mm of diameter to look good on those boards. So I will have to make the cups big enough to fit those bigger stones. I'll be posting pictures when they are ready.

And if you haven't joined the league, do it now! It's really fun! ^^ See ya! /gg

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