Tuesday 30 June 2015

Hello! A bit of status update...

A lot has happened between now and then, so I will shortly address something that was, what is, and what will be in this post.

First of all. I never stopped playing Go, while not exactly having the drive to write about it. I've now progressed from the ~12 kyu rank I was back when I made those prototype leather gobans in 2010, to breaking SDK some time in 2013. (Slow progress, huh?) At the moment I'm about 7 kyu, more or less, although not having played fast games unless in the club, still continually playing much slower games in the Dragon Go Server (DGS).

I kinda kickstarted the club by meeting a local 1 dan player in a local bar for games in 2010. After having played with him for about two years, and after having started my artisan studies in design and modeling I took it upon myself to found a club in our school.

In the early 2012 marked the beginning of the very first go club in Lahti. We actually started with a bang, with about 10 members on the first day. And ever since we've been playing regularly every week. We did eventually have to separate from the school when people started graduating (the school's club rules pretty much prevented me from recruiting members from outside the school), so we moved in to a little pub called Hiidenkivi, played there ever since. The sad thing about that is, not many people under 18 years old who would like to join us can do it.

In Summer of 2013 my mother passed away. Her disease took a toll on me and my studies, so I graduated a year later after having finished writing up the written part of my thesis work. (Built a couple of foldable tatami chairs, called Zaisu. Sadly I haven't got a photo at the moment to show of the finished piece, only a rendering.)

Presently I am in the process of starting a small business of my own. Remember those foldable gobans I mentioned in an earlier post. I decided I will need to do a few more of those, so I picked up some leather sheets from the firm I used to work in. There was a setback though. They had sold off the silk screen press they had at the time, so I'm kind of looking a replacement, either as a service or building/acquiring a vacuum table of my own. The only one I found is kind of expensive (550 €), 130 km away, and looks awfully bad as decoration or furniture for any apartment. (I don't have any other place for it either. So.) But anyway, I think I will need it, if I ever want to get those gobans done.

I've also pondered about the possibility of starting blogging again.

But what comes next, remains to be seen... Have good games everyone!

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