Thursday 9 December 2010

Leather is sexy, especially with polka dots!

As I'm working as an intern in a little workshop that prints and binds calendars and presses many different things from many different materials I got an opportunity to use a silk press to print some leather gobans for the go club I plan to set up. Now all I need is some stones.

I used Inkscape to create the print (hint: use Inkscape to view it!) on the leather board, you can download the design and freely use it with your own goban. I printed the board on six transparencies, that I taped together and used as a film to develop a template for the silk press. I was originally going for six goban, but ended up with ten of them.

The leather before being cut. This wasn't the only one.
This was the template used to create the prints on the boards.
The finished boards look actually very nice. Leather is pretty good material for creating something like a portable goban. I'll need to take a picture of one in daylight so it captures the whole beauty of them. Here's one I took with my phone when they were out from print and drying up:

The finished boards. The polka dots really cheer them up.
Actually, these are not the first boards I have made, I also did some smaller practice boards few months ago from plywood, laser printed paper gobans, glue and water.

See you later! ^^ /gg


  1. ... You got linked from reddit. And now that you have, I must ask. Can I buy one? I'd like a nice roll-up Goban that I can keep in my bookbag, and just whip out whenever I want.

  2. I actually did the "shameless" linking myself since I thought I wanted to share my modest accomplishment with others. =)

    Hmm. Selling them, I might be interested, but I decided I don't want to sell them just yet, because I'm in the middle of designing something in the line of stone bowls, in leather. If I succeed with those I may sell one or two boards along with the "bowls".

    I wanted to also make a bag for them all, but I fear I don't have too much time left as a trainee and using their facilities and tools. I'd like to continue working there though. I wonder if the boss would get interested if I presented my game board ideas to him. ^^

  3. If you ever plan to sell them, even if just as craft, I'd be interested in a quote. Send over a message to

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