Monday 20 September 2010

Went to visit the local chess club today.

I just came back from a quick visit to the Lahti chess club. It was interesting. I hadn't planned on playing any games there, but I was soon invited to play in the ongoing tournament. I had only time for two games and I have to say the young guy who was scheduled to play me next was quite disappointed when I had to leave. I loved his (and the other players') enthusiasm though, it was a lot like with people who play go. Also found another fellow go player there. We exchanged email addresses and I promised to bring the board with me the next time I visit the club. Maybe I can spur some interest in the game there. I hope. There was even some talk of starting up a go club.

I haven't been playing go lately though, since I've been busy studying and as a trainee in a coffee shop. I'm hoping to catch up in the league though. Sadly I'm having second thoughts about starting up my own theme café, it looks like there's just too much legalities, paperwork, tax issues and general bureaucracy in the way of setting up a nice quiet place where people could just play, and where I could participate too. Now it seems I would probably get so drenched in other work that even the mere serving coffee or tea would suffer, not to mention trying to show or teach the rules of the game to those who'd like to learn it. I shudder even thinking of how it would affect my own games.

I'm thinking of changing strategy. If anyone has ideas or suggestions, please feel free to comment here. ^^ /gg

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